Village Treasures Services

Our shop features two computerized stitch regulated Gammil long arm quilting machines with the capacity to quilt tops ranging from tablerunners to king sized (120 inch X 120 inch). By calling ahead and booking your quilt, you will be guaranteed that your quilt will be ready when you need it. Don't be afraid to phone and ask if you have any unusual requests - we have quilted many quilts with minkee backs as well as denim tops and even bedspreads.  There are over 3500 patterns to choose from with new patterns every month.

Our rates range from $.02/sq. in. for a meander, $.0225/ for allover simple pantograph to $.025/ for a dense pantograph.  It is best to bring in the quilt in order to get a correct quote for your quilting.  The minimum charge is $40.00 for the smaller items eg. tablerunner, wallhanging, baby, etc. 

We offer smaller classes to teach beginner to advanced techniques in piecing and quilting tops.

We also offer one-on-one instruction for new techniques in quilting or sewing.  Call us to find a suitable time and book a class to learn a new skill. Classes are not limited to just adults.  Anyone over the age of 8 is invited to come take a class and catch the sewing bug!

Kits can be made up for our upcoming classes if requested.

We will also offer a longarm quilting course if there is an interest in renting our longarm quilting machine to finish your tops.