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Fall Brings New Classes

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20140923'>September 23, 2014 - over 4 years</abbr> ago

&nbsp;Summer is over and fall is definitely here! &nbsp;With that comes ideas of new projects and classes to take. &nbsp;We will be offering beginner sewing or quilting courses starting in October. &nbsp;Do you need a new tablerunner for your table or maybe a gift for Christmas? &nbsp;How about a quick lap quilt or a quilt for the new baby on the way? Maybe you just want to learn to make a pair of pj's or boxers. &nbsp;Stop by the shop and find out what courses are for you.

View the Shop Hop Quilt

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20140215'>February 15, 2014 - about 5 years</abbr> ago

&nbsp;Happy Trails Shop Hop is coming up June 7 - 14. &nbsp;The particpating stores will all have a turn to showcase the Quilt made to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House. &nbsp;Come by our shop and see this quilt! &nbsp;For $2, you can enter to win it. &nbsp;It will only be here until Mar. 6!

Putting up a new front

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20120319'>March 19, 2012 - about 7 years</abbr> ago

Well it's finally happening - The old front of our building has been torn down.&nbsp; We have a temporary front as the new front is being built behind it.&nbsp; Our building&nbsp; has been designated as historical so the new front will be back to the 1935 style. As it is being built, we still are&nbsp;open and welcome you to come by and pick up some bargains or&nbsp;just to see what's happening :)

More quilting with another machine

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20100512'>May 12, 2010 - almost 9 years</abbr> ago

Just a note for all our readers (and especially quilters) out there. We have just recently upgraded our manual Gammill Classic to a Statler Stitcher. That means that we have 3 computerized quilting machines in our shop!&nbsp; We were so busy quilting with the other 2 computerized macines that the old manual just sat collecting dust and fabrics started migrating over there thinking it was a shelving unit.... So it had to be done and we are excited as the new program available on this machin... More...
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