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Yellowhead Shop Hop Fun

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20090616'>June 16, 2009 - over 9 years</abbr> ago

Just finishing up the paperwork for our Yellowhead Shop Hop held on June 6 to June 13.&nbsp; I would consider this a very successful event with around 175 visiting quilters from places in Saskatchewan and even from a town near Calgary!&nbsp; We will post the winners of the daily draws and fat quarter draw within the week. Hope you had fun if you participated.&nbsp; We sure did as shop owners.&nbsp; There were some real neat characters!!

Vermilion Quilt Show

Posted on <abbr class='updated published' itemprop='datePublished' title='20090507'>May 07, 2009 - almost 10 years</abbr> ago

Went to the Vermilion Quilt Show on Sunday May 3.&nbsp; Did anyone else have an awesome time&nbsp; looking at all the quilts?&nbsp; Just wanted to comment on a great show put on by the Vermilion Guild.&nbsp; The hamburger soup was delicious as well!!&nbsp; There was also an art display from the Vermilion Art Club.&nbsp; There are so many talented quilters and artists in our area!
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